A frothy (very American) romantic comedy set in Ireland. The story line is predictable --buttoned down young American woman decides to follow her take-everything-for-granted long-term boyfriend to Ireland in order to propose on leap day, complications ensue and she ends up on a multi-day road-trip across Ireland with a charming/annoying pub owner-- but the cast --Amy Adams, Mathew Goode, Macdara O Fatharta-- does a good job of rising above a predictable script and story. The real stand-out of this movie is the scenery of Ireland which is stunning on the big screen.

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Saw this. It's a very sweet rom-com movie, likely termed a chick flick by some but my better half laughed as much as I did!

; )


Oddly enough my (nearly 70 year old) father really loved this movie too.


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