Does anyone recall 'The Outcasts',  the film that Mick Lally made, maybe 20 years ago,  wherein he is a sort of travelling mystic during the famine years.

Apparently, it was the first Irish-funded movie in 50 years, and marked the resurrection of the industry in Ireland.

I think I only saw it once: it wasn't released on DVD and hasn't been shown on TV, as far as I know, for about 20 years.

Lally's character is a fiddler, and the soundtrack used the music of the late, great and unique Tommy Potts (search for The Liffey Banks, Claddagh Records).

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I'm intrigued, Gerry. Sometimes these films, not available via Netflix or Amazon Prime, can be had via eBay. Let us know if that's the case, would you?

Not familiar with this film, Gerry.  Might have to attempt to track it down.

It was released on VHS.... wish they would release it on DVD

It was the only full-length film produced by Tolmayax... It did win several filmfest awards including San Remo & Brussels

It was difficultto size into one particular genre... though Fantasy might be closest...dark fantasy


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