These two recipes are giveaways.  Try it if you like.  But if you neither like it nor try it, I won’t be offended.

Irish Soda Bread

Dry Ingredients

             4 cups of sifted flour

             4 teaspoons of baking powder

             3 tablespoons of sugar

             1/4 teaspoon of salt

             3 teaspoons of caraway seeds (optional)

 Wet Ingredients

             1 cups of milk (preferably buttermilk or sour milk)

             1/8 pound of melted margarine (or butter)

             2 eggs, beaten

 To Prepare

             Preheat oven to 375 degrees (Faherheit).

             Mix the dry and wet ingredients and add a cup or raisins or currants.

             Place in a well‑greased skillet and bake for 30 to 45 minutes, or until golden.  (A round baking dish can be used if a skillet is not available.)

To Serve

            After removing from the oven, let the loaf cool for anywhere from an hour to overnight.  (If you attempt to cut the hot loaf too soon after removal from the oven, the slices may be "crumbly."  Better to be patient.)

            Cut in inch parallel slices and butter.

Yield: One decent sized loaf.  To prepare multiple loaves just apply your multiplication skills to the above.  But for beginners, don't  try producing more than two loaves simultaneously.

A Variation ‑‑‑ A Kerry Apple Cake.  Follow the basic Irish Soda Bread recipe, but substitute one medium‑sized grated apple for the raisins.  However, a word of caution.  I have sometimes had a "runny" cooked batter when the apple is too juicy.


Oatmeal (or Porridge)


      1 cup of Steel‑cut oats

      4 cups of water, or if you prefer (as I do), you can substitute fruit juice like orange, pineapple, prune, or apple for some or all of the water.  I prefer cranberry flavored apple cider.

      1/4 (+ or ‑) teaspoon of salt (optional)

 To Prepare

 Bring water (or liquid) to a rolling boil.

 Add salt (optional)

 Slowly stir in steel‑cut oats.

 Simmer covered for about 15 to 20 minutes, stirring occasionally.  Or just turn the heat off, and let the mix sit overnight, and serve the next morning after reheating (microwave or on stove top).  Or you can place individual servings in a zip‑lock freezer bags and freeze.  When you're ready for an individual serving thaw and reheat (microwave or on stove top).

 To Serve

      Add milk or cream.

      Add fruit (optional).  Raisins, currants, apples (grated or dried) are staples.  But diced prunes, figs, pineapple, dates, etc. are also fine.

      Sweeten to your taste.

Yield: about 3 to 4 Servings.  To prepare for more just apply your multiplication skills to the above.


This is my favorite breakfast.  I sometimes cook a large quantity, and freeze the excess in individual serving sizes, using ziplock freezer bags.  When I'm ready to eat, I either allow the needed portion to thaw out over night or I thaw it in the microwave.  Then I cook the portion in the microwave for a minute or two.


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Wonderful John! Don't know why I never thought of substituting juice for the water when making oatmeal! I will definitely be trying this! Thanks!


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