Aunt Kitty lived in Nenagh, Co Tipperary. When I was in my early 20's I went over to stay with her, She was a lovely, warm bustley kind of woman you couldn't help but like. She seemed to be "Mam" to everyone who knew her, she would often go off to help a local girl with a new baby, or to take hot meals to some of the elderly in her street.  When she wasn;t involved helping the locals she was cooking or sitting in her chair by the range, knitting while listening to the radio.

Well, as is the tradition in Ireland,.soon after I arrived I was taken out by my cousins and uncle to sample some traditional Irish hospitality. Nenagh has 28 plus pubs and the following morning I felt as though I had visited every one..I don't know how much I drank that night, as I always seemed to have a full glass of Whisky or Murphy's stout (my poison of choice) in my hand. I  was also told they opened the Poteen when we got back home, but I had no memory of that :)

Kitty swore" Farls" were a morning cure for a hangover, and when she saw the state of me the following morning she set to work cooking on the range. "The mash will help soak up the drink" she said as she put a full Irish breakfast in front of me. I had never experienced a full Irish breakfast until that morning, and even eating a quarter of it seemed a daunting prospect, as I was fairly sure I was die from my hangover while Kitty cheerfully busied herself making tea and slicing potato bread ready to toast. However with the aid of lots of will power and determination not to refuse Kitty's food, I did manage to eat it all and surprisingly felt much better !!  Sadly we lost Kitty to breast cancer a few years ago, but I always remember her when we eat Farls   


Fresh cooked or leftover mash

Plain Flour

Cooking Method

Knead the mash until it becomes like a soft dough.

Add about a third of it's volume in plain flour.

Knead again to combine. It will become easier as the flour is incorporated.

Roll out into a circle about 1.5cms thick and place in a hot griddle pan or a lightly oiled frying pan.

Cut a deep cross in it to divide in four.

Bake for three or four minutes

Flip over to do the other side.

Remove to a cooling rack and then serve them warm with butter, or add them to a traditional Irish breakfast

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I remember these from my youth. We had several variations. We would use left over Colcannon to make one on Friday nights. It would be served for those that did not like cod fish cakes. We always served both with Boston Baked Beans. For Monday lunch it would include all of the left over vegetables and a bit of beef or ham form Sunday dinner. The flour and the thinness gave it a better texture than traditional Bubble & Squeak. 

I have never thought of using Colcannon or adding extra vegetables to make Farls., Although saying that, there rarely any Colcannon left over in our house. We often have boiled bacon and cabbage which I cook in a  slowcooker/crockpot adding potatoes for the last hour...I now have an idea how to use the leftovers, Thank you :)

Lovely story! This reminds me of Lefse from my Scandinavian grandmothers! I wonder if it would have the same powers!!

Lefse are very similar..I'm sure they would help a hangover. :) .Do you eat Lefse as a sweet or savoury dish as we do with pancakes?


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