In a book published by the Texas United Daughters of the Confederacy - in the late 1800's - I found a letter written by an old Texas veteran with an Irish surname. He recalled his years as a young soldier in Virginia in that letter. He said, "I joined the Army of the Lord when I was 16, and the Army of the Confederacy when I was 18, and I fought with all commitment for both, all of my life." He also recalled in his letter how the men loved and respected Stonewall Jackson, and he spoke of their reverence for General Lee. He closed his remembrance with the phrase, "God Bless the Dear Old Confederates" ... and I knew I had to write the song!

aka; God Bless the Dear Old Confederates
(c) Jed Marum, 2012, trad melody
Performed by Jed Marum, David Lovrien and Linda Relph and engineered by Travis Ener

I dreamed a dream the other night, a dream of long ago
I saw the Rockbridge Artillery lads marching out on the open road.
Their pace was quick and their heads held high as they entered Manassas town
Then cannon blazing and hearts afire they made a thund'rous row

Come all ye loyal young Southern men, who cultivate the land
Who work the rivers or ride the range, and by your honor stand
I'll tell you the tale, of the sights that I've seen, when your grandfathers went off to war
From far away to the snowy north, and to the Texas shore

We followed Colonel Pendleton and General Jackson too
We traveled the east and we traveled the south and we thrashed the invaders in blue
I've seen hills rolling with rivers of death and the heavens in torrent and flame
But always the hand of the Father at work, and ever His spirit aflame.

The years wore on and the battles drawn through mean and hungry days
We were falling to sickness, or musket and ball, we were dying in so many ways
And still we stood faithful and true to the Cause, ever through hardship and pain
Then forces in tatters and our flag in defeat, with Grace we marched home again.

I dreamed a dream the other night, a dream I thought was true
I marched with the Rockbridge Artillery men and we faced the invaders in blue
Our backs were strong and our heads held high and we battled for Jackson and Lee
God Bless the Dear Old Confederates and the Rockbridge Artillery

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