I have been trying to find information on Colonel John Eugene McMahon the elder of the three brothers who rose to command rank during the Civil War. I have some basic stuff but would like a bit more detail of what he did before forming the 164th New York etc. There is a fair amount on his two younger brothers.

I have seen an old photo of John Eugene in Zouave uniform and thought he may have been in Phoenix Zouaves. I know the 164th was a Zouave regiment but that didn't occur until after John E. had raised it. The uniform he is wearing  in the photo is an other ranks. I know he was in the 69th but I have no information on him being a Fenian.

Found the sites article on Corcoran very interesting particulary in clearing up his death.

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Cam. I know little about McMahon myself, though clearly have heard of the 164th as part of Corcoran's Legion. Might you compile your findings to date about him and the regiment in a post here? That would certainly raise the profile of McMahon among visitors to our pages, and may help elicit more information.

Could you post the photo (or a link to it) of John Eugene in uniform?

Will do as soon as I can. Had to replace my computer today, so will when I get it up and running.

The only image that I could find of John Eugene was in "Colonels in Blue" by Roger D Hunt (page 196). It was of John with his two brothers. Here is a link to some information from Fordham regarding the brothers. http://www.fordhamprep.org/page.cfm?p=3057           another link regarding his funeral   http://localhistory.morrisville.edu/sites/unitinfo/mcmahon-john-188...

Sorry all my info is of those sites and Colonels in Blue. Thanks anyway no doubt we shall talk again.



I too would like to know more. Recruited by Michael Corcoran, John was responsible for forming the 3rd Regiment at Fort Porter in Buffalo in 1862. After transfer to Camp Scot on Staten Island, Corcoran broke up the regiment, companies transferred to the 155th and the 164th. McMahon was promoted by Corcoran to colonel and commander of the 164th. After the Corcoran Legion landed at Newport News in November 1862, McMahon apparently took ill, returned to Buffalo, and died there. His brother, James then replaced him and was killed at the Battle of Cold Harbor in early June 1864. 

Thanks William, it's nice to get info out of the blue.




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