Bishop Timon was a pioneer and first bishop of Buffalo. His stance on the Civil War was woven into the politics of the time. He voted against Lincoln and thought the Republicans were too radical and would split the nation. After Sumter, he came out four-square for Lincoln and the Union. He preached powerfully against the South and lost many friends among Southern bishops, who were slave owners. He was very anti-slavery and lobbied hard to have American bishops participate in the reconstruction of the black race after the war. Unfortunately he died in 1867 before he could really prosecute his pro-black agenda. Timon was a very progressive man. He built 180 churches, a cathedral, a university and three colleges and numerous orphanages and homes for expectant mothers during his 20 years as ordinary. He worked hard for the Irish but railed against the rowdy way many Irish males acted on the streets. He very much wanted the Irish to assimilate into the American main stream, unlike Archbishop Hughes and most American Irish bishops who wanted to keep their flocks separate in order to protect their faith. Timon was the most effective bishop Buffalo ever had. 90,000 people, as many non-Catholics as Catholic, passed by his casket in state to pay him homage.  

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Hi. I'm looking for information about my great, great Irish grandfather who fought for the Confederacy during the Civil War. His name was Edward Felvey and he was in the Virginia Infantry, 25th Battalion Company E and he was a sergeant and a bugler. I'm doing a genealogy for my family. I believe he changed his Irish name from Edward Feloney to Edward Felvey when he came to Virginia. Any help would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

P.S. A family story goes that Edward was so very proud of having served in the military during the Civil War that he made the family promise to bury him with his Confederate boots on!

Can you advise me how I post on the group wall? Thanks.

Please ask my colleagues Fran Reddy or Joe Gannon for help with that. You can reach them easily when you are logged in via real-time chat.


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