The Tureengarriffe Ambush: Cork & Kerry Strike a Blow

Seán Moylan slowly moved his binoculars back and forth pointed to the west as he scanned the east Kerry countryside in the direction of Scartaglen. He was standing on some high ground in Thade Daly’s Glen in Tureengarriffe, along what is now the R-577 road. Moylan, commanding the Cork No. 2 (North) Brigade of the Irish Volunteers, believed that a high-ranking officer of the RIC (Royal Irish Constabulary) or British military was going to be traveling east toward Cork on this Friday, the 28th day of January 1921. The Tureengarriffe Ambush would shortly be underway. Though Tom Barry and his Cork No. 3 (West) Brigade garner most of the fame and attention for their actions during the Irish War of Independence, and it is well earned, the other two Cork Volunteer Brigades were very active as well. Seán Moylan was the North Cork Brigade’s counterpart to Tom Barry, commanding their flying column.

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