I know this is not about Irish horses, just my own horse story...

I have loved horses since I was born. My oldest brother began working on a farm in his late teens.. a horse farm. I couldn't contain myself! At age 12, I was still in love with horses even though I had never ridden before. My time had come and I got my chance. On an old Arab mare named Tida my dream came true! From there I spent all of the time I had to spare during my teenaged years, riding Arabians.

I competed in Trail Riding and won 2nd place in a 40 mile competition on a gelding that I had conditioned from early in the year. I competed at horse shows as well and loved the Trail Class that I competed in with the love of my life, Azareel, a beautiful bay stallion that would tease me out in the paddock by running full force straight at me and only stopping in time to slide right up to my feet perfectly! I was never un-nerved by this.. it was endearing to me as I loved Az and he loved me!

I did purchase my own horse, a half Arab/ half Quarter horse when I was 15 or 16. Buddy was young and was a bit of a goofball but he was mine. I boarded him with some friends who had horses out where I used to ride the Arabs. But life changes. I needed a car and the expense of both was too much at the time. I sold buddy to a nice family who needed him. I was still riding at a boarding farm doing shows for a while after that but marriage and babies put an end to my riding days. Now, it's so distant but such a treasured time in my life. A gift from the Good Lord I like to think of it. A gift that got me through those awkward teenage years when peer pressure and catty girlfriends come to bear. I made it through because I had my horses. A lifetime ago but never forgotten : )

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