I haven't been able to find anything out about my third great grandmother who was born in Nov 1842.  Census records say she was from Northern Ireland and the immigration year was 1857 making her 15 at the time.   I haven't found her in the ships/immigration records for that year although there were some Margaret Landers in other years coming to NY.  It definitely looks like a 7 although it could be 1851 or 1859.  She married Charles Stein in Kings Co. NY in 1864.  She died Kings Co. in 1911. Charles occupation is "sign painter".

Children are Julia born Dec 1864 (married Herman Fajans), Charles (married Annie May Alsing) and Willis (died) (twins) 1866, Catherine E. "Kate" died 1 year old, Elizabeth "Lizzie" died 7 years old, John, died two days old, Annie died under 1 year old, George Walter married Dell May Hilt) , Margaret Mary b. 1881(m. Arthur Conrad), Robert, died 4 years old, Frank Cleveland, died 1 year old. (11 Children Born, 4 Children Living 1900 Census)  Imagine, having 7 children die young!!

Thanks for any suggestions.


Patte Wood, Lexington, VA, USA

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She would not have come by herself at that age in that era if she were 15. She would have come with her family. However, if she did arrive by herself her birth date is incorrect. 1875 census enumerated in June states she is 33, 1880 census - age 40 (June) making her birth year 1840,1900 (June) Nov 1842 and married 35 years, arv 1857 and here 43 years. Look at 1910 census for Margaret M J Stein b1838 living with Jacob J Stein (son)? and family, age 42 Brooklyn ward 29. Charles died in 1903. Indicates she is 72 (which may or may not be so - she could have lied when she met Charles but makes sense that she did not get on a ship at age 15) Also when it says 5 children - her state of mind and not understanding question. Also consider she married a Jewish man and children as they grew up decided to accept their religion. Just some other things to explore. Still does not answer from whence in Ireland did she come. :)

I think I found her but the date of arrival is 19 Nov 1851 from Liverpool to NY. not 1857 on the ship Beejapore

Her mother seems to have remarried and the listing is: Mary Brown 30, John Brown 30, Mary Landers 10, John Landers 8.  I was talking with an Irish friend and she said at that time most Catholic girls were named Mary and then another name, like Margaret. She is buried in Greenwood Cemetery and I have written for the cemetery records. She is also listed in the immigration list next to Elizabeth Connolly age 30 with children Robert 13 and Thomas 4.  I found her brother John and he married a Connolly.

Patte, where is Margaret buried? Have you accessed her burial and death records? 


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