Hi any Haggerty (Hegarty) out there?  My father is from Dublin, His father (Hegarty) from Armagh. my Mother from Kells - (Morris line), her father (Cahill) from Glenbeigh, Kerry.   Ancestry says my DNA is 92% Irish.

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My tree has gone back as far as it can in Ireland.  I am now trying to find and identify those who emigrated across the seas. By doing this I hope to extend my Irish lines.  "CelticMongrel-2018-Master".  Anyone out there  able to help? Please!

Hi Francis,

I descend from Hegartys from Armagh, in and around the Clonfeacle Parish. Where in Armagh is your Great-Grandfather from?

Your DNA match list on ancestry is probably the best place to find other Haggertys that moved to America.



Sincere apologies Michael for the tardiness in replying.  The Catholic family eventually settled in the Caledon area, working for the Lord of the area. My grandfather moved to England and eventually met and married  a  "Holdaway" in Hampshire then moved back to Ireland and Settled in Raheny and Blackrock area of Dublin. My Gedmatch   GA1717014.  My latest tree is "CelticMongrel-2021-Master".  I set up a Hegarty in Armagh link on Facebook but had no takers!  :-(

Latest Ancestry Tree "CelticMongrel-2022-Master". Gedmatch. GA1717014  & A693663.


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