Every week, for the next six weeks of the Bring a Pal Home, we will be providing tips to help YOU bring your pals to The Wild Geese and maybe even to Ireland.

The first one is our most simple, and yet possibly the most overlooked. 

Did you know that you can invite friends from a unique invite page, that even includes a link that you can use. The links and options on your Invite page are linked to your name and account, so when you invite pals through these options, your invitation will include your name, so your recipient will remember its from you! 

Remember, that's how you get another point in the Bring a Pal Home campaign. Each time one of your pals joins The Wild Geese and tells us your name, you get a point!

How do you access your Invite page? Scroll over the link in the navigation bar that says "My Page." When you scroll over it, a link called "Invite" will drop down. Here's what it looks like:

Once you click on "Invite," you will see your Invite page! Here you will see a variety of options. You can send a mass invitation to your contacts in your Gmail or Yahoo email accounts. You can also invite your Facebook contacts. If you happen to have a spreadsheet of your contacts, you can upload or you can invite individuals through this email option, as seen below. 

Edited: After doing some research, I discovered that that link {^above} sends a message from our Site Owner, Gerry Regan. I have no idea why that's happening and will try to fix it. I will update you when I have a fix. Until then, use this link: http://thenewwildgeese.com/page/join-the-wild-geese to tell your friends about TWG!

Edited to Add (9/23): Okay, Folks, looks like we got that link fixed! Whew! You can now use that link to invite your friends to The Wild Geese, and the message won't say anything about Gerry. 

So I ask you yet again. How will you use that link? 

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Important update! 

After doing a bit of research, I realized something strange. Whenever you use that final link on the Invite page, it invites people from our Site Owner, Gerry Regan. I will look into why that's happening, but for now, don't invite friends with that link. 

Instead, use this direct link: http://thenewwildgeese.com/page/join-the-wild-geese and of course tell your friends to tell us YOU sent them! :) 

Happy Monday, Geese! 

Looks like we fixed the above links, which were giving us fits! Please let us know if they are still acting up! And good luck as you Bring Pals Home!


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