Those rising to the top of the Leaderboard have one thing in common. They personally invite their friends to join The Wild Geese. After all, that's all it takes. When your friend signs up and tells us your name, you're in the running. (THere's even more incentive, now that we've announce giveaways three times a week, available to anyone who's friends have joined since the beginning of the campaign.)

How do I invite friends? That's pretty simple. Just tell them about us! 

Let them know about the contest! After all, once they join, they can start inviting friends and getting into the race too! Remember there are three major prizes up for grabs, and even more once we start randomly choosing winners of CDs, books, and posters. 

Let them know what you love about The Wild Geese. Tell them about an article you wrote or read. Share the Photos or Videos pages. Invite them to weigh in on a discussion! 

You can send a link to a favorite page or post or to

To send them directly to the list of reasons to Join The Wild Geese or right to the sign up page:

You can just pull up your email account and start sending individual emails. We recommend personal emails to friends, rather than a bulk email. It's more personal, and you can share a specific note about what you think that friend would like about the site. It's more likely to be read, enjoyed, and followed through on!

You could also use the Share buttons found on most pages and posts. They look like this:

Want to tell them face to face? 

We've created a PDF, just for our members to tell their friends about the Wild Geese. Just print it out, in color or grayscale, cut in half, and give to friends and colleagues who would love to be in our community. I've attached the document here

You know which friends would love to add their voice to our popular discussions, which colleagues would be eager to share their insights into Irish history, which family members have photos and videos to share, and which of your Pals is ready to come home!

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Brilliant, Tiff. With this I think everyone is now equipped to do battle!

Thanks, Gerry! Maybe that's what I should call it. "The Armory!" 

Well done, Tiff... This should help the numbers grow in leaps and bounds!

Thanks, Bit!! I'm working up a little something for next week that should give everyone a real boost. :) Provided I can make it work!


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