We have been thrilled to see how many new Pals are Flocking to The Wild Geese!

Just a reminder as you are inviting friends... our rules do stipulate that anyone registering other members on their behalf or fake members are ineligible. We reserve the right to disqualify suspicious entries and contestants. 

Here's what our Terms and Conditions say: Any individual who attempts to register nonexistent persons, third parties or provides false information, or in the sole discretion of the judges is suspected of registering any person more than once, by any means, including but not limited to establishing multiple email accounts, will be disqualified from participation in this Contest and any New Members credited to that Entrant will be automatically disqualified.

Thank you to everyone who has been inviting friends and family to The Wild Geese! We are always thrilled to meet new Irish Pals from around the world!

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