Gang, a personal note from me -- "Bring a Pal Home," our race for free tix to Dublin (or for personalized hand-blown Irish crystal) is very tight, with fellow member Laurie Giafardino at the top with three recruits.

Only two recruits separate our top eight entrants as of Thursday night, with a trip to Ireland for two in the balance and 37 days remaining to gather the troops, so to speak.

Please join the fray -- it's good-natured -- everybody wins, quite honestly, in the sense that as the community grows, we all gain -- with more content, more perspectives, more friends, more networking, more knowledge, more special value from outstanding Heritage Partners, more opportunities to gain free trips ... worldwide, all in support of Irish heritage 'wherever green is worn.'

If each of our current 800 members recruited just one other member today, not only would we have 796 members suddenly vault into third place, LOL, but we'd literally double our membership ranks. This will make a huge difference to our community, in terms of the impact we can have on preservation, education and promotion of the culture we all love so well.

And if each of these new members recruited just one new member, then ... Well, I think you all get the picture!

A good place to start your bid for the top prizes is by joining the BAPH Group at, and then recruit among those in your circle who share your passion for Irish heritage. We are here to provide the support, along with some tips to help. I'm excited! Let's all be in this to win it -- together!


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Im having issues with this. It wont load my facebook friends and so i cant invite anyone

Nicola, you are talking about the Invite page, I gather.

Nicola, send me a private message and we will try to get to the bottom of this issue. - Tiffany


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