Mine is the great Irish Breakfast.  Best when cooked by my Mam.

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A properly done boxty is great, but I think I have to rank an exquisitely done Beef & Guinness Stew at the top.

Yeah, I might have to go with a Boxty too, Ryan. Although it does have to be really well done! I tend to get a bit picky about them. 

I don't know if it's Irish, but I was always partial to Oxtail Soup.

I remember Oxtail soup!  

Love it and I cook it some time to time .

Bagun agus cabaiste

 I love  typical Irish breakfast  - Irish bacon or rashers ,Irish local Sausages (I am from Belfast),Black pudding ,Baked beans ,Eggs ,Mushrooms ( I prefer brown ) ,Tomatoes halved,Potato Farl ( home made )Served with a side of -Thick slices of soda or traditional Irish brown bread.Irish creamery butter. Yummy 


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