Whole Tribe Sings -- Born Across Belfast's Sectarian Divide


From the promo on Valley Entertainment's website:

"Born out of Derry in war torn Northern Ireland, Whole Tribe Sings is a vibrant clan of musicians who, if it were a different time, might well be enemies."

What a fascinating backstory!

What do you guys think of the music?

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Interesting backstory, alright.  Music is pretty good, too.  I like the inclusion of the brass.  Kind of like mellow ska.

Did you sense a Celtic or trad influence, Ryan?

Very slight trad influence deep down, Ger.  More so a Pogues-type or Flogging Molly influence, only with a mellowed-out ska sound, almost.  Interesting.

They're back! How wickedly grand!  Ya never quite knew what to expect from the boys! "Happy" always brings a smile...rom the first trumpet note

Let's all smile...


I would definitely say that they have mellowed some...a softer edge, mind ya...perhaps Ryan nails it with  a mellow Pogue-ish vibe 

Just to clarify, Bit. They broke up more than a decade ago, and have not reunited, much to the sadness of the record label's head, Jon Birge. He keeps plugging the album though.

So they're not "back"... not so "Happy" now... shame that....then again musicians are a quirky lot...all of us

I'm in touch with one of the band's founders. It's a poignant story, the rise and dissolution of the band. It's a story I'd like to see presented in our pages here. 


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