When it comes to Genealogy it's not the Devil that is hidden in the details, but the Forgotten Journeys.

After you have found those source documents, don't forget to read them. Sometimes you can get an overriding theme by taking the same document, for everyone in the family, and putting them side by side.

Snap shot of my Female ancestors that Immigrated to the USA from Ireland & Scotland, listed on the 1900 USA Census.

  1. Mary Barrett (McQuaid), Monson Mass, arrived 1880, age 64, 7/9 Children alive.
  2. Mary O'Day (Moriarty), Monson Mass,  arrived 1853, age 54, Widow, 8/9  Children alive, lives on Main St, a few doors down from her Mother in Law,
  3. Mary Griffen (Moriarty), Monson Mass, arrived 1884, age 78, widow, 5/9 Children alive.
  4. Mary Collins (Lynch), Indian Orchard Mass,  arrived 1869, age 54, Widow, 7/12 Children alive.
  5. Rebecca Mary Robertson(Flynn), Ludlow Mass, arrived 1887, age 42, Widow, 5/6 Children alive, she lives with her Mother in law,
  6. Rose Brecken (Flynn), age 75, Widowed,  2/10 children alive.
Total  34/55 Children alive. 21 Died before their mother. Average of 9.2 children per mother
Total 1/6 Husbands alive. 5 Died before their wives.

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For decades, I have heard..."leave it be, there are things you wouldn't want to hear, girlie" whenever I asked questions about our lineage. Of course, that was seen as a challenge and so of I went on my quest.

In that Quest, I have found that in my Gran's generation, nearly everyone of her siblings, including herself, had their first child either prior to marriage or just after. Perhaps, that was a shock in those times, but not so much now.

I have also learned of phsyical and sexual abuse allegations...children claimed by one man who might actually have been the offspring of another of his brothers...

So life was a hard tell soap opera even back when...or perhaps more so because of the times

What I oft explain is that it is those "fleshing stories"...those details that humanize a name/date/dash/date into somebody you can relate to and makes family out of facts


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