Quixotically enough, we've begun our countdown to Christmas, inspired by fellow member and Irish Heritage Partner Margaret M. Johnson. Margaret, who is making the phrase "Flavors of Ireland" both renowned and delicious, is offering a 25% discount on her newest cookbook, "Christmas Flavors of Ireland," through August. So this seems an appropriate time to ask, and mind you, we're not rushing anyone here, but we are curious: What is likely to be the first present you buy this Christmas, and when? (SPOILER ALERT: Don't identify the recipients!)

Meanwhile, join us for our countdown to the upcoming Community-Wide Chat with author Margaret Johnson and Isle Magazine Creative Director Lisa McGee on Friday, 5pm ET. (To take advantage of Margaret's handsome pre-Christmas discount, visit www.IrishCook.com and order now.)

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One of the new jewelry lines, which we picked up at the Ireland Show in Secaucus this past April, is

Barry Doyle Design...

He is both fresh & traditional ...

I love the Look & feel of his rings....men's and ladies...

I popped in to his exhibit room because of the Friendship ring he had in the window:

The mo chroi pendant shown here is a good seller


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