In these tough economic times, Irish Pubs are starting to disappear across Ireland. One of my favorites, the Thatch Rahan in Offaly announced its closing earlier this year. I am happy to say it is reopening this weekend

What brings you back to a pub time & time again?

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Thanks! There is no room on my budget for cars sadly but this thread gave me an idea since i am also on wg biz i would love to meet wg members in their locals if they r eady for me to get to by bus in the rural areas. Is there a Dublin member willing to meet me at nancy hands for a pint but we have to go 'dutch'?

would love to, but have my hands full with my newborns and rarely get out.

If you go into a pub by yourself sit the bar. Its the best place to meet people.

Do not give a tip. The barstaff do not expect it.

If you are drinking with an Irish person they buy you a drink, you buy them a drink, no matter what sex you are, or  a round if you are in a group. We despise people male or female who accept drinks but do not return the favour.

is it true you leave your money on the bar in the States? It would be unthinkable in Ireland.

Great advice on pub etticette in Ireland I need all the help I can get from our members I am Canadian and I havent been out for many years lol. This backpacking and trains as a senior on my own may be my last hurrah! Thanks again

I was once an enthusiastic pub-goer loving the atmosphere, conversation and music. During a recent three-week visit to Ireland I only visited a pub once. Two pints of Guinness and a vodka and orange cost 15 Euros. That is the price of the bus fare between Galway and Dublin. Or a meal for two at Sherwood Restaurant in the agriculture mart facility on the Quinn Road, Ennis, County Clare. Or...well, you get the message. 

Indeed, the cost of a night out can be steep. I've found the smaller, back street locals are more reasonable in their prices


 In Akron, Ohio, it is The Ancient Order of Hibernian's...2000 Brown St, the patrons are all just the greatest, everyone knows yer name, yer kids, yer siblings, and mostly, but not all Cork descent, and there are Italian.s, Slovak, Ukraines, , and the Irish tunes always playing, the hurling club we have, the Ceili band, Irish dancers, Irish language class...1300 members !

1 dollar pints of domestic, $2.50 for the dark stuff...4-7 pm


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