Wrenboys on St. Stephen's Day in Dingle, Ireland.

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One of the newest items in our shop are Christmas puddings... The Irish born in our Community are ecstatic... I am kicking myself for not buying a pair of earrings I saw at a faire in Donegal afew years back...They were hand-beaded Christmas puddings...

Brrrr... sort of like our Polar  Bear swims here I would think

For us...St Stephen's day is about doing unseen good deeds... leaving a fully cooked dinner on the porch for an elderly couple... dropping food boxes off at homes in the poorer sections of town...

Bless you Bit

I'll settle for the old tradition of placing a lighted candle in the window announcing a place of refuge for strangers. Plenty are sure to drop in as we're having an open-house party tomorrow evening!

As regards the Christmas sweater, there is a minor craze going on at the moment in these parts and that is to scour the secondhand and charity stores to find the tackiest and most outrageous of the genre. Evidently good taste was at it lowest ebb in the 80' and '90's.

Peter Murphy,



nice looking jumper for christmas

heres a Christmas card I have been using for years


feel free to use it if you like

This was handed down to me by my grandmother who was from Leitrim. The ditty was recited when the wren boys went calling on st Stephens day.

The Wren the wren
King of all birds
St Stephens day got lost in the furze
Up with the kettle Down with the pan
A penny or tupence to bury the wren
If you haven’t a penny a halfpenny will do
If you haven’t a halfpenny
God bless you!


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