Please use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow Wild Geese. In particular, we would love to hear your Irish story. What are your ties to Ireland? Have you or are you in the midst of uncovering your genealogy? What are your particular Irish interests? The arts? Cooking? Literature? Travel?

Please tell us also about yourself. What are your occupations and hobbies? What are your goals and ambitions? Where are you from?

And finally we would love to hear what brought you to The Wild Geese and how can we help you uncover, share, and preserve your Irish Story!

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My name is Kimberly Wanzer, I just joined Wild Geese about 2 weeks ago. My tie to Ireland is my grandmum who was from Killen , Co Tyrone, Northern Ireland. She, my great-grandmum, and her brother left Derry Co. Londonderry for Canada in the early 1900's, she met and married my granddad in Canada and they migrated to Michigan. Long story short, she was afflicted with a mental illness, got deported back to Co. Tyrone, Northern Ireland when my mum was 3 yrs old and she died there in 1979. My mum never knew her. This past May 2012 I visited Ireland and found out more of the story. I am now writing a book about her life, my mum's and my life without grandmum. I have research the family and you'll have to read my book to find out the rest.:) I hope to have it done by the end of the summer and pray it gets published. Ireland has and will be forever in my blood, soul and heart. I'm hoping to go back as soon as possible. I was directed to Wild Geese through facebook and love it so far. Thanks for this sight!    

Hey Kimberly, thanks for sharing this story. There was a move about 20 years ago about a woman raised by her grandfather who grew up being told that her mother had died or run away, when in fact she was institutionalized for mental illness. Today, her mother would have been considered 'eccentric' and perhaps remain mainstreamed. It was a heart-rending film for me, as the daughter finally reunited with her mother after decades of uncertainty. My first mother, nee O'Connor, relinquished me for adoption in New York City more than 60 years ago and we reunited in 1996!

So glad your story has a happy ending. Now that my grandmum and mum are gone I feel it's my story to tell and to help others who may have similar stories. Thanks.


Hi Gerry.  I appreciate your added insight to Kimberly's comments about her history.  The movie you describe sounds familiar, I wonder if I've seen it.  If you think of the movie title, please share it. How  exciting for you to be reunited with your birth mother! 

Interesting story! And happy to know you are interested in your Irish heritage. I hope more people out there with Irish roots find their way to The Wild Geese. / KW   

Kent, with your help, and that from each of our fellow members, we will continue to expand our influence and our ability to explore, preserve, promote and celebrate the epic heritage of the Irish around the globe. Stay tuned for news of our upcoming membership drive so we can accomplish just that! Ger

I hope so too!! I've so enjoyed getting to find the real truth of my family and I'm hoping to meet some family members as soon as time will allow.

I will read it! Please keep me posted on it's publication date.

I'm getting there and will be starting to speak with a self-publishing group...wish me luck!!! thank so much for your encouragement!!!


Kimberly, this is an awesome tribute to your Grand-mum to be writing the story about her and the family.  I look forward to reading it!

I'm editing it now and hope to get it published in the New Year. Thanks for your interest and I'll let you know when it's available.

Hi Kimberly.  I am also new to Wild Geese.  Your story is very interesting.  I look forward to reading your book. 


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