Please use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow Wild Geese. In particular, we would love to hear your Irish story. What are your ties to Ireland? Have you or are you in the midst of uncovering your genealogy? What are your particular Irish interests? The arts? Cooking? Literature? Travel?

Please tell us also about yourself. What are your occupations and hobbies? What are your goals and ambitions? Where are you from?

And finally we would love to hear what brought you to The Wild Geese and how can we help you uncover, share, and preserve your Irish Story!

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Thanks for accepting me into Wild Geese!  My 4th great-grandfather was Thomas O'Leary (1782-1867), son of William Leary and Marie Monahan, according to his Quebec marriage record.  He was born in County Cavan, and served in the 99th Regiment of Foot in Quebec.  Some of his military records say he was born in Parish Enniskeen, and some say Cootehill.  His military attestation was in Dundalk, Louth, in 1805.  He married a French-Canadian Marie Anne Bolle, and he remained in Quebec after his unit disbanded in 1818.  I would love to learn anything I can about his military unit and in which War of 1812 battles he would have served.  Also, of course, I would love to know just where he was born.  My name is Gail Seeley.  Thanks for any guidance.

Welcome Gail! Good luck!


Thank you, Ron!

Welcome, Gail!

Thank you!

Hi and nice to meet all of you Cousins! My name is Jean McCormick. I live in the Southern US. I grew up in a small protestant enclave of Highland Scots immigrating a very long time ago from the Argyle Colony. They must have all come together because my church was full of McC's. My mother's side of the family is also Scottish. I'm not sure where we were on the Irish shores, but probably near the MacGowan area.  I like to cook all sorts of dishes. I am an artist, specializing in surface design on fabric and two-dimensional art, but am discovering 3-D and Yard Art. I might try my hand at some Faux boix as I have made some cement pots and a bird bath so far.  I also love DIY projects and am a fan of Pinterest! I have never been to Ireland, but I've saved the best for last to discover.

Welcome Jean! Good to have you.

Hope you are able to tool around and find some things on the site that interest you.

Be well,


Hi My name is Mary Curley-Reed and I live in a very small town called Nunnelly Tn and I am an active researcher of my Irish family! I am originally from Chicago Illinois which is where my family settled when they came from Ireland. My grandfather was born in Cork and they came to the United States around 1904. My mother did a lot of research on our Irish roots, but only touched the surface. My great grandfather was William Augustine Brennan from Cork City. He graduated from University of Dublin and spoke 11 different languages. He was a painter, an author, and he headed up Medical Research for Abbott in Chicago Illinois for over 20 years. His father was also William A Brennan and he ran a pub which the family lived above in Cork City. My other great grandfather was also from Cork City, His name was John Thomas McGrath and he was a master mariner and ship builder who died at sea. I am always trying to find info on him, but don't really know where to start. In doing research, I know I have a lot of family still in Ireland. My mom always told me her aunts who were born in Cork always wrote to the family still there. My dream is to travel to Cork and find out more of my family story!


Hello Mary. For information on  yourgreat-grandfather try or Family Search. He was probably born around 1800/1810. Family Search do  a free preview and Ancestry give a 14 day Free Trial if it is the first time to use them.Geraldine.

Welcome Mary!

I always wanted to do research on my family history... very jealous.

Be well,


Mary, welcome to WG. The name Brennan, apropos to nothing in your family's history, recalls for me Walter Brennan, the quintessential folksy, grandfatherly American actor.

My story is that I was born in Dublin, Ireland in 1950.
My family moved to London, England when I was young and it's there I went to school mostly.
My father, Terry Dunne, was President of Sinn Fein in Britain while I grew up. He was also chairman of London Sinn Fein.
I am in the process of writing a book. Its semi-auto biographical fiction about my own experiences as a member of an Active Service Unit of the Provisional IRA in London through some of the worst years of the Troubles.
I had thought of having the book published in the USA.
Can any of our flock give me some advice on publishing in the US?
I think the story I have to tell is unusual to say the least.
Best regards from me
Rory Padraig Dunne


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