Please use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow Wild Geese. In particular, we would love to hear your Irish story. What are your ties to Ireland? Have you or are you in the midst of uncovering your genealogy? What are your particular Irish interests? The arts? Cooking? Literature? Travel?

Please tell us also about yourself. What are your occupations and hobbies? What are your goals and ambitions? Where are you from?

And finally we would love to hear what brought you to The Wild Geese and how can we help you uncover, share, and preserve your Irish Story!

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Kenmare proper or in the surrounding townlands? If your Grandfather was born in Ireland, have you applied for and received your Irish citizenship and passport?

Kenmare proper,( Market St, Coffeys Row, Davitts Place ) as well as Bonane. Yes!!! I was blessed to receive my citizenship a few years ago!

Check with Irelandxo

they might be of some help in locating living relations

Hi folks,

A pleasure to join here and meet people with an interest in Irish history and culture. To introduce myself briefly, I am a career firefighter with thirty years service and have a huge interest in Irish history and in particular Irish fire service history. I am the author of 'Dublin Fire Brigade and the Irish Revolution' (Dublin,2012)-a study of trade unionism and Republicanism within a section of Dublin`s municipal workforce 1892-1923. I have contributed to a number of TV and radio documentaries for RTE,BBC, TG4 and independent producers and have made some online history videos for the Storymap Dublin series, one on the history of Thomas Street fire station and one on the Great Liberties Whiskey fire of 1875 . I also made a 30 minute documentary for South Dublin County Council in 2012 on 300 years of firefighting in Dublin. I am the former curator of the Dublin Fire Brigade museum (2008 - 2011) and am working on a second book and a number of other history projects at the moment.

Great to be part of this group and thanks for having me.


My name is Geraldine. Love history especially family history,local history. Have been researching my Webb family for about 3 years. They go back to 1650 (in Ireland) and as far as I know I am the last of the name in Meath. Have discovered many interesting things but I cannot find (due to loss Irish Records) a grandfather of 1761. Have record of him in 1761 but he seems to have married about 1770. No record of that or his death. Have his son (also George) and all his details. Have some details of his  daughters but not all. Maybe somebody would be interested in this. Looking forward to been a member of Wild Geese.

 Hello, I am Terri Hinson Rushton my maternal GG grandfather John Peter Sullivan born 1846 in Co. Cork came to US in either 1864/1866. I could not find any thing until 1881 he married Mary Quill (born 1861 in  Co.Cork) in Silver Reef, Utah, USA an old mining ghost town now and they traveled in a covered wagon and settled in Spokane, Washington in 1883. Mary came to the US in 1880 . On John Peter death certificate it listed his father as Patrick Sullivan and mother Mary Moore. I do not know if the names of their children would help give an Idea of what part of Co. Cork they may be from. All born in the US. Peter Marie, John Washington, James, Alexander Bart, Flora Elizabeth, Patrick Sarsfield, Richard Quill, Leo Joseph. I was wondering if maybe  in the 1860's a lot of men were recruited to the US for mining from a certain town and maybe Mary came from the same town. Anything ring a bell?  I would like to come to Ireland and visit the area my family lived. thank you for letting me join.  

Terri, we do know from work by our Helen Kelly, one of our consulting genealogists, that many came to Argentina from the same part of Offaly after being recruited. I've also read that many immigrants from specific parts of Ireland clustered in the same New York City parishes. So what you're suggesting is plausible certainly. Many Irish worked the copper mines in Montana. Perhaps the descendants of those miners might have some insights for you, in approach if not in actual shared ancestry.

Thank you Gerry, that is interesting info. I will look into it.

Welcome to all the new members I've seem to have missed welcoming!

Be well all,


Thank you for welcoming me to the flock.  I live in Richmond B.C. and the snow geese fly in by the thousands from Russia to eat and rest before heading back in the Spring to nest.  Some people find them a nuisance but I love to see them.  I am new to BC, I was born and raised in Hamilton and raised my children there.  My mother was a strict Roman Catholic, all her family came from Ireland. I am the 6th girl out of seven sisters, my mother named me Burke, my older sisters were given beautiful names, Tara, Shannon, Camille, Bernadette, Mary, Jane, but me Burke.  Faced with continual daunting by kids and adults alike I asked my mother, "Why did you call me Burke?" She said I named you after your great Aunt Hussey Debourgh, she was a great lady from Ireland and the name will bring you luck. I said "gee thanks Mom".  So having time on my hands I thought I would try to a trace of her and the past few months have been exciting as I have traced back as far as my 4rth great grandfather who was Patrick Hussey and his wife Mary Egan from Galway, immigrated in Canada I think in 1832.  Whats amazing is I have fallen in love with Ireland, the history, the language and my quest to learn more is intoxicating, so enough said, thanks again

Great introduction Burke! I love the fact that your mom gave you a unique, and lucky, name!

As for the geese, it's not themselves that bother me, as much as the gifts they leave behind. :)

Be well and be welcome!


Thanks, that's what the Richmonites don't like, but its great fertalizer, the parks are greener than green in the spring, lol, they are smart, a kilometre away is the US border and they don't dare cross it knowing they could be the feast on someone's table.

Looking forward to exploring this site


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