Please use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow Wild Geese. In particular, we would love to hear your Irish story. What are your ties to Ireland? Have you or are you in the midst of uncovering your genealogy? What are your particular Irish interests? The arts? Cooking? Literature? Travel?

Please tell us also about yourself. What are your occupations and hobbies? What are your goals and ambitions? Where are you from?

And finally we would love to hear what brought you to The Wild Geese and how can we help you uncover, share, and preserve your Irish Story!

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Welcome to "the flock," Patricia!

Thank you for the welcome, Ryan. I hope to be a good member of the 'flock' and learn more about the Wild Geese members. :) Pat

Patricia, you may want to connect with fellow member Mari Steed about the Magdalenes. There are a number of posts on TWG related to the phenomenon. Delighted to have you with us!

My name is Deb Wiles Zitelli. I am from Pittsburgh Pa. I am self employed as a title abstractor.. I have been a wedding photographer but now I prefer to shoot stills and scenic shots.. No more talking subjects for me thanks !  I love to garden and just enjoy the outdoors. Autumn is my favorite time of year anywhere !

My ties to Ireland are on both sides of my family. I used to tell folks that I was NOT Irish but Scot & English. WRONG...I am a bit  Scottish but not near as much as I am Irish. My family on both sides seem to have been born in Belfast. But from what I have been reading the old generations may have moved to Belfast for work. I hope to find this out. Mine is  one of those stories where as a young gal I did not care about my heritage and now of course, I certainly do.

My paternal grandfather abandoned my father and grand mother so I became intrigued by their side of the family. This has lead me on a journey of such emotion, I find it hard to explain.

I am heading to Ireland next Friday the 27th for 2 wonderful weeks. Renting a car, staying in B&B's the whole trip and basically winging it. Myself and an old friend from high school have talked about this trip for years.........and here it is almost upon us.

With a very full heart and great expectations......we will be off. I will be more than happy to report all, well most, that we do and experience while in Ireland.

Thanks for the site !!



Safe travels Deb and enjoy the trip! Welcome to the NWG! If I can help you with any lodging suggestions, send me a note to my inbox. You will get hooked and look for ways to go back again and again....

Bit, I am quite sure I will want to come back after I have left. Thanks for any help.


Good stuff, Deb!  If you're in Galway, let me know ... I always enjoy meeting fellow Wild Geese when possible! :-) ~ Ryan

I am indeed going to be in Galway. Our longest stay in one "port".  3 nights.

We are going to be there on 9-30 until the morning of 10-3. Then off to  Ashford Castle for a night.

My email is if you want to meet up at a pub for a few pints on us...let me know .

Thanks for the welcoming note, Ryan !!!


Hi everyone. I'm Fran Reddy and I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. My hubby and I are both 4th generation Irish through our paternal grandmothers. We had always dreamed of taking a trip to Ireland and that was made possible this year by winning the Waterford Gathering trip to Ireland on facebook!! We took the trip in June of this year and I just cannot do it justice! It was fabulous, the history, culture and beauty of your country was overwhelming! I have made some permanent friends of the people that were involved in the contest and who did everything possible to make our trip fantastic. I think our main goal in life now is to plan another trip back there! I definitely left a piece of my heart and soul there and can't wait to return as there is just so much more to see! I am now an administrator on a facebook page for helping to unite all Irish and those who love Ireland, from here in Ontario, Canada. I look forward to making friends here so please say hello! : D


Excellent!  Great to hear about your trip and how it impacted you, Fran.  Looking forward to hearing more about your experiences here in Ireland and also more about this Facebook group you're heading up.

If anyone wants to have a look at the page on facebook, it's called 100 million Irish united Ontario, Canada. I will go into moe detail about the trip if you like, but tomorrow as I'm heading out to an Oktoberfest get together with family. Cheers!

What's the URL, Fran? And Fran, how about going into more details, including some pix and video if available, about your odyssey?


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