Please use this thread to introduce yourself to your fellow Wild Geese. In particular, we would love to hear your Irish story. What are your ties to Ireland? Have you or are you in the midst of uncovering your genealogy? What are your particular Irish interests? The arts? Cooking? Literature? Travel?

Please tell us also about yourself. What are your occupations and hobbies? What are your goals and ambitions? Where are you from?

And finally we would love to hear what brought you to The Wild Geese and how can we help you uncover, share, and preserve your Irish Story!

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hello to you bob....and thanks for your welcome...just getting used to the site

will post up some photos later.

hello to you ryan,

just getting used to useing the site ..thanks for your welcome ...will post up some photos soon.

Welcome to the Wild Geese Terry. Feel free to post all you want, we'd love to see it!

Welcome Terry.....

hello to you john and thanks for your welcome.... interesting site posts photos and videos cheers,

hello to you fran and thanks for your welcome,

will do  when i get the hang of the dashboard....cheers

hello to you fran...thanks for your welcome...cheers for now.

Hello!  My name is Miccilina Piraino. I am half Sicilian and half Irish.   My Irish connections are through my maternal grandmother Bessie Mae Dailey Carlin. She lived to be 101, we lost her in 2005.  her people settled in PA and were farmers mostly. Going way back in her line, our people came over from Ireland in the 1750's. The were from Cork and maybe Westmeath.  We have traced back a few generations here in America, but we have hit a wall. There are no records, only census and birth/marriage/death records.  I hope to explore more here with The Wild Geese, I am very excited to be able to discover things we do not know yet.  My ultimate wishlist would include actually finding someone I am related to in Ireland, that would be such a thrill. 

Hello Micci, Nice to meet you. Try contacting the RSAI in Dublin. They may be able to help you trace your roots.

There is a strong connection between Ireland and Sicily as one of the races to inhabit Ireland in pre-Celtic times came through Sicily.

Hi John, nice to meet you as well!  We have a lot of information on the Sicilian side going back, that is recent past, my paternal grandparents came here in the early part of the 20th century from Palermo, they grew up in Cerda and we know about 3 generations back from there.  The Irish roots were harder to figure out.  Most of my older relatives are gone and there are no family records, only memories and word of mouth things.  I know I had a relative on that side who fought in the Civil War, so may try that route as well, there are some records of service available.  I will try the RSAI (What does that stand for?) as you suggest. I am just glad to be able to find resources to find the answers.  I do not have a whole lot of details and my immediate relatives are spread all over the USA.  

Dia duit, Micci,

Mexican, Irish & Sicilian here... How's that for a mix!

If myself or my better half can be of any help with the Dailey/Carlin search... you can inbox me... HImself does Genealogy research...

Hello, Lisa Shea Megna here and I am
thrilled to be apart of The New Wild Geese. I was introduced to it by a few friends on my O'Shea genealogy page. I'm a Boston native now living in Orlando, Fl. USA. Most of my time is spent between caring for my family and running a small independent film company. I became passionate about Ireland when I began researching my families lineage. Unbeknownst to even my dad, he is a first generation American with his father having immigrated to the US in 1914 at the age of 18. Our family is rooted in Co. Kerry, living in Kenmare since the early 1800's. I have visited Ireland every year over the last 5 and will be back in May 2015 once again. My genealogy research is in full swing with hopes of locating family members still residing in the area. I look forward to meeting many more amazing people with the same passion I have for this stunning country and its history.


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