LONDON (AP) — The British government Thursday announced compensation for Kenyans abused during a rebellion against colonial rule in the 1950s.

Hague said the government recognizes that Kenyans were subject to torture and other ill treatment that the "British government sincerely regrets." He said the British government understands the pain felt by Kenyans who were involved. Rest of the story HERE.


This is all no doubt well derserved for the Kenyans, but if the British government were ever forced to pay compensation for the centuries of death and torture the Irish endured under their misrule it would probably empty the British treasury ten times over.

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I was just listening to this story on NPR.  The journalist doing the piece added that similar allegations of torture have been made in other former British territories, including Ireland.  It made me wonder, how far should reparations like this go?  Certainly, an apology is required, and it seems that someone should try to compensate these victims.  Should that someone be a single mom paying taxes in London, who was born decades after the atrocities?  On the other hand, maybe that IS justice, as it's the legacy handed down to her by her ancestors?  Of course there are huge implications for the US in our treatment of Native Americans and slaves.  No answers from me, only questions...what do you think Geese?

Kelly, I think for the most part trying to get people living today to pay for the "sins of their fathers" is not something I support. There are dozens of different groups with grievances against dozens of other groups. And then you have descendents of people from both sides of a given historical situation, like someone with both slave owners and slaves in their background, or native Americans and men who served in the frontier armies that were attacking them.


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