I'm new to this web site and would like to know what sort of events are of interest to site members.  Our small non-profit sponsors two weekend festivals of workshops each year, focusing mostly on sean-nós, Gaeilge, and trad music.  Are these the types of events that others are interested in?  Are classes/workshops more interesting, or are other members more interested in competitions, on-line learning, or something else?  Our goal is to help preserve and promote traditional Irish cultural arts -- what could we do to interest you?  

Any and all suggestions would be welcome.  Thank for the input!


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Hi, Kimberly.  I don't know how this discussion you started "slipped through the cracks," but I'm glad I finally found it.

I can tell you the workshops and events you've described would be met with a great deal of interest, especially by the folks in our community from the Pacific Northwest.  A bit further afield as well, I think.  I think the music and dance would interest the most, but there are quite a few here who range between Gaeilge "dabblers" and fluent speakers.  So the language would probably interest quite a few here as well.

Please share a bit more about your organisation.  Oh, and welcome to The Wild Geese! :-)


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