So I am traveling to Limerick from the States for the first time in a couple of years. My family usually lands here since this is where we lived while my father was running Verbatim and I was going to school at the Crescent back in the Seventies.

My goal is to photograph or film something about Limerick that I haven't encountered before. I'd be really interested to film a story about Limerick  that hasn't been seen or at least not widely.  

if you have any suggestions or leads, I'd be happy to hear them. Still kicking myself for missing the Limerick Giant.


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Having been named the City of Culture for 2014, Limerick has seen some amazing things this year.

Helen O’Donnell, a former Limerick Person of the Year, was announced as one of two Tidy Towns superheroes this year for her efforts in spearheading clean-ups throughout the city. They used  art projects to transform derelict and unoccupied sites throughout the city including some eyecatching murals.

There’s a thriving nightlife, great pubs and restaurants and a hugely creative arts scene in Limerick City. The Children's Art Festival is coming up in October.

Sadly ya just missed the Giant Granny


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