Tuesday, May 3, 1921 was a beautiful, sunny day in the nearly treeless Partry Mountains above the town of Tourmadeady, County Mayo, but Tom Maguire was in no condition to enjoy the weather. Maguire, the C/O of the South Mayo Flying Column, from Cross, was lying on his back, bleeding from a bullet wound in his right arm. There were about 30 members of the column spread around the hillside near him. Kneeling above him, his 2nd in command, Michael O’Brien, from Kildrum, was pressing a bandage to the wound trying to staunch the flow of blood.

Maguire and his flying column had just ambushed an RIC convoy now they had gone from the hunters to the hunted as Crown forces converged on the Partry Mountains attempting to surround and destroy Maguire and his column. 

The Tourmakeady Ambush: Shrouded By the “Fog of War” in Mayo

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Thanks for sharing. Is there a series of books or authors you would recommend on rhis?

Do you mean on this ambush, or the War of Independence? If you look at the bottom of the article, you will see a number of books I used in writing the article under "Related Links."


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