A newly published book of historically based fiction explores the circumstances surrounding the execution of the only member of British forces executed for murder during the War of Independence. Author D.J. Kelly was interviewed by ExecutedToday.com, and presents an interesting perspective on the tyranny of British forces operating within Ireland in those years.

My question to you all then is this: What family stories might you have related to encounters with the Black and Tans or Auxies?

Here's a story from our archives, BTW, from fellow member Kieron Punch, about the British government's complicity in fomenting violence against Irish citizenry during the War of Independence.

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Unfortunately for all concerned, there were no jobs at home for anyone, since this was the depression era.  The effects and dangers of PTSD were unknown then. I would love to know of any cases of Tans found guilty of murder and pardoned. One Tan killed a priest and a young boy, allegedly whilst suffering from delerium tremens, and who was found guilty but insane and sent to a lunatic asylum.  My research shows all the other Tans tried for murder were acquitted. The ADRICS or Auxiliaries were next sent to Palestine to repeat their particular brand of 'intelligence' work there.

Me mother told me story of how her fathers home was burnt down by a black n tan crew down in cork, however, what the black n tans didn't realize was there was two little baby up in the thatch, they were burnt alive.....one survived n the other didnt....one of those babies would have been my2nd cousin, they were staying up with my grandma and grandpa since their home was previously burnt down n not by a tan man but an English lord, a greedy English lord, or what people might say today a "Irish Protestant" since he was living in Eire, even though there is no such thing, there is only one irish race n they just so happen to be catholic.just like there is no such thing as scotch-Irish, what because they the Scottish were given land in the north of Eire by the English n the crown? Lol


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