The illegal Irish in the USA need this Immigration Bill to pass

"Too often we speak of "The Illegals" as if they were not actually human, or comprised of actual human beings, but rather a nameless, faceless group of people who are anonymous to us."

The US Senate has passed the Immigration Bill. However, the pity is that the Speaker of the House of Representatives, John A. Boehner, opposes this Senate Bill. Politics aside, he does not seem to understand the Republican's fundamental christian and human obligation to address this issue, not to mention the economic bonus such an initiative will have for the US economy.

There are over 100,000 illegal Irish currently living in the United States. Most of them are hard-working individuals, family-oriented, perhaps economic refugees from the Irish recession. Most are contributing to the US economy , but unable to benefit from it because of their illegal status. Manyof The Wild Geese were illegal immigrants once, most were forced to migrate bacause of war, rebellion, persecution or poverty. Today they can use their influence now to help their fellow Irish emigrants.

If you can at all, please reach out to your Congressman/woman and tell him/her that this Bill is good for America, good for business, and yes, good for Ireland. 

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I can sympathise with the difficult position in which they find themselves.  However, I'm in a somewhat unique position that enables me to see this situation from a different perspective.

I'm an Irish-American now living in Ireland for the past 2+ years.  I am not allowed to take a job here ... at all.  Full-time, part-time, any-time ... I'm not allowed to work.  My work is compensated by organisations in America.  The only reason we're allowed to live in Ireland at all is because we can prove this to the government.  The Irish government is incredibly stingy right now with their work visas if you're not an EU citizen.

America gets "raked over the coals" for having tough immigration laws, but I think that's an unfounded claim based on what I've seen other places.  The welfare system in America is simply out of control, and a large part of that is because of illegal immigrants working the system.  I can tell you that if we had come here to Ireland to work the system or take jobs illegally, the Irish government would have put us on the next plane back to America.

So, I think there is much, much more to think about than just throwing our emotions into this and hoping that our Irish brethren receive amnesty just because we feel it's a good thing.  The rule of law DOES, in fact, matter very much.  Could my wife and I have come here to Ireland under false pretences, doing everything "under the table?"  Of course.  Would it have been the right thing to do?  I think we all know the answer to that.


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