I just added a few tissue thin poems to my collection including this one below . It has faded and is wafer thin so some of the words are obliterated . If anyone has any knowledge of this poem please email me . It is indeed a poignant piece none-the less .

The Emigrants Farewell to Ireland { a few of the verses written around the time }
Verse 1-
Adieu farewell to my friends,
And the splendid shores of modesty
I am going to ride on - wings
In search of Hospitality
With bending sails and pleasant gales
My Bark from Cork on Paddys Day
And leave behind all that were kind
For North or South America
Verse 2
Since Potato crop has got the rot
Distress appears on each mans brow
Economy is quite forgot
And Harmony thrown in the Slugh
That genuine - that did exist
Is now eclipsd both night and day
All causes me to flee
To North or South America
Verse 5
In the month of June we loose our bloom
And then our misery comes on
Our splendid crops cut down too soon
Hard is the case of every one
The county cess like an express
In readiness we must pay
Which causes me away to flee
For North or South America
Verse 6
Now I am on raging seas
With my swelling sails before the wind
Thinking of the Irons's day
And the bosom friends I left behind
I must go the die is cast
My brothers I must obey
And take with him a grand repast
at Queebeck in America
Verse 7
Adieu Adieu my native plains
And to the lovely sea that I sat on
To Lee and Rivers Bandon streams
And to each good hearted friendly man
Adieu to trade thats on the fade
Moudring in dutt and in decay
This causes me away to flee
TO Queebeck in America

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