He's bringing Behan back?

Justin Timberlake, with help from Marcus Mumford, has recorded a version of "The Auld Triangle" to be used in a new Cohen brothers film called Inside Lwelyn Davis.

The song was originally written for Brendan Behan's play The Quare Fellow, and was penned by the playwright's brother, Dominic.  The play was set in Mountjoy Prison, where Behan himself was once a "guest."  The bell was used to awaken Behan and his fellow inmates each morning.

So, what do the Wild Geese say?  Which version of this old favourite is the best?

Click here for the audio of Justin Timberlake's version.







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Liam Clancy sings: The wind was sighing as I lay crying in my prison cell. Those words do it for me.

It's such a moving song that any decent singer would give it a fair go.

I have incorporated its title into my great song: I wish I Was Back I  Ireland ( which can be heard at

www.myspace.com/edotoole2 if I haven't uploaded it here.

Mind you, it's hard for me to prove that mine is a great song as I don't know any decent singers.


Really love this earnest singing and stirring strumming, Ed. Do you have an album or two, a compilation of songs about the Irish experience?

 Hello Gerry,

       I don't mind if you were joking, or not. I am very grateful for your kind comment.

       My son has songs about Twickenham called Hometown Paradise on Spotify and Amazon but that's as close as it gets. I really like the harpist and I'm thinking about doing another Irish song with her.

       Kind wishes,



Ed, I am as Oscar Wilde would say very much in 'earnest.' Looking forward to hearing more within our pages of your music exploring and celebrating the epic heritage of the Irish. Ger


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