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Dear Readers and Friends,

When people talk about 2022 in the future, what will they remember? 

Undoubtedly, we will speak of the millions of people across the world displaced from their homes due to violence—and the hope that music can bring in moments of loss. We will remember our growing struggle with global heat—and the local artists creating cooling murals in the hottest neighborhoods. When we talk about schools becoming sites of fear and censorship, we can still find joy in the actors bringing a Philadelphia elementary school to life on Hulu.

Ask any artist, and they will tell you that the greatest art often comes from a place of uncertainty. Artists are at work around the world every day, creating moments of hope and beauty for their communities—even when the odds are stacked against them. You’re receiving this message because you have already experienced the generous work of an artist,and have been inspired to invest in their creative journey.

We’re here to thank many of you for your previous donation to Arts PRunlimited, Inc.,and invite you to join us again in supporting their mission. Your gift is an investment in the power of art, and its ability to spark conversations, question systems, and fill a room with laughter. Today, we are asking you to bring your momentum to their project by donating again before the end of the year. 

If you are able, please consider giving again at the link below. If you aren't already, you can also become a monthly supporter of Arts PRunlimited, Inc. and help sustain their work all year round.


Thank you for your generosity. From everyone at Fractured Atlas, we wish you a happy, healthy, and safe holiday season.


Theresa Hubbard

Chief Executive Officer

Fractured Atlas

cc: Daniel P Quinn, Founder

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc.

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DPQuinn | New Jersey

Played Parcheesi decades ago, and Cannasta by my Grandmother---this has gleaned my interest... What can we send to Iraq in exchange ? Recently, my 2 short films made Honorable Mention in Erbil, Irag, Kurdistan...

Am game two.........

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Copies of my books: "organized labor' are also available on sale at the Bar at the Landmark Tavern with EXITS AND ENTRANCES ( $29.99. New work was published by Red Wheelbarrow in 2022. We co-hosted Christine Conforti in Totowa and have invited here to appear with us at Biricchino in Manhattan in early 2023." alt="" class="CToWUd a6T"/>" alt="" class="CToWUd a6T"/>" alt="" class="CToWUd"/>" class="CToWUd"/>" class="CToWUd"/>" class="CToWUd"/>

"organized labor" 

Daniel P. Quinn's writing has also appeared in; Author; Performing Arts Journal; The Herald News, Theatre Journal and The Italian Tribune.

His play FANGS TO RICHES was heard at the Williams Center and Harold Clurman Theatre now part of AMERICAN PHANTASMAGORIA (

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