Everybody loves a good limerick.  We're asking our members to submit their original love-related limericks in the comments section below as a fun way of celebrating Valentine's Day and Irish poetry.

This is a family online community, though, so please keep them fairly clean. :-)

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There once was a faerie in Eire

Who thought she would kindle a fire

She captured my heart

Now till death do us part

Ireland is my heart’s desire 

 - Fran Reddy <3

Love is like a red rose
Blissful in sweet repose
Won with a smile
And a walk down the isle
Then happily ever after it goes

Unless you were like John Parr
Whose wife just loved to spar
She'd search him out
Each night without doubt
And drag him home from the bar!

Just for fun ; )

There once was a lad from the states

Who took me on a couple of dates

Now we live by the bay

Just west of Galway

Where we read Synge and Heaney and Yeats :)

True story?? :D


It was traditional in Ireland to write little verses in Valentine's cards.  Although this is the Limerick thread I thought I'd include a few I remember here:

Mary had a little watch

She wore it as a garter

and when the fellahs asked the time

She knew what they were after

Postman, Postman do your duty,

Take this to my dark haired/fair haired beauty

Anyone else have any they remember?

Another verse I remember that seems apt for the current weather.

The wind, the wind, the wicked wind,

Blew the girl's skirts up high.

But God was just and made the dust,

To blind the bad boy's eyes. :)

I like this! 

My love's eyes were green and sea blue

He was the boyo I loved thru and thru

He wooed me and then

We were more than just friends

Three children soon joined our love queue!

Nice one, Janet!  :-)

Darkest of hair

And eyes oh so blue,

Brightest of smiles

And heart that is true;

Holding her hand

I feel oh so grand,

And each day our love starts off anew.

Bravo, Eric!


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