Are you working on filling out the branches of your family tree? Have you hit the proverbial wall in your genealogy research? Your fellow Wild Geese may have come up against that same wall or might have the key to get through. Smash your genealogy walls together!

Share your recent struggles in compiling your Irish family genealogy and let others know about your ideas or resources!

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JIm, yes, you own the copyright to your posted materials, and you can edit or remove them or otherwise limit their availability any time you are logged in. No one is allowed to copy your material without your expressed permission. As far as being available after your remove content, we have no control over outside search engines such as Google and Bing. I don't know how long they might retain your content in their servers. You can choose to prevent anyone replying to your content here, I believe. I'm not sure why anyone would, but that's an option. You can upload a draft, which is not seen by anyone but you or someone logged in as you. You can polish the draft until you feel it ready for scrutiny by others whom you select. Hope that helps.

Thanks Gerry.

The Irish Census since 1926 now on the Internet

Thanks Belinda, but appears to only be the statistics from the census, not the actual enumeration.  It is being worked on in a redacted fashion to make it available prior to the 100 years privacy law.


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