Mr Gevelinger was arrested in the car park of Hydebank detention centre, on the outskirts of south Belfast and taken to the Antrim interrogation centre for questioning. Under special legislation, he has now been interrogated for six days.


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Prisons in the US are also very strict about may be sent to inmates. Many of the regulations seem to defy logic.

I would agree. However, I sent the package to their home address and not to Maghaberry

My girl friend's uncle, Sean O'Neill, I think was his name, told his American relatives that his mail was routinely opened by Special Branch ever since his IRA volunteer brother, Maurice O'Neill, was executed by Eamon de Valera's government in 1942 for his role in the death in a shootout of a Dublin detective. That went on for decades. He seemed to resign himself to it.

TG4 did a documenatary on O'Neill at one stage. If I  am not mistaken the Green Book stipulates that volunteers are forbidden from shooting Garda and Irish army personnel.

O'Neill and his comrade were attacked, guns blazing, no opportunity to surrender. they fired back to save their lives. this is supported by the record I believe.
from what I hear Dev would never dare show his face anywhere near Caherciveen the rest of his life. he became reviled in much of Kerry for not commuting o'neill's death sentence

Very hard to find a neutral piece about Maurice O'Neill and his case is not that well known. He was tried by the military, which would have been unusual at the time. At the time shooting a police officer carried the death sentence. Ireland between 1939-45 was in a very dangerous position. The Free State had the option of going hard on the IRA or letting them do their own thing. The latter would have given the Brits an excuse to occupy us again.  

He was given a hero's funeral in Kerry, that much is clear, Ronan. I also think it clear that he would have been shot dead or wounded if he hadn't returned fire. From the sources I've seen, which were admittedly sympathetic, he was given no opportunity to surrender until he returned fire.

He was carrying a gun. The cops in America would not adopt a softly softly approach in a similar situation. I don't doubt he was given a hero's funeral in Kerry, possibly the republican part of Ireland. I believe Brendan Behan was lifted around the same time. Although he expressed a desire to shoot at the free State police he was not fired upon.  

The series Ceart agus Cóir on TG4 covered the incident.

I'll post the source material for my views, Ronan. I obviously am only reading others' accounts. Having a gun on your person is not cause for an officer to open fire on you, unless you are pointing it at them. They are obliged to instruct you to drop the weapon. O'Neill and White were getting ready to leave the house when they came under fire.


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