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About ten years ago I was in Donegal and a local was nice enough to drive me around for an afternoon (we have since lost touch).  She took me to what I think was Malin Head, and we walked down onto a beach where there was the ruin of a small Catholic church.  It had been built down below the cliff as a way of hiding it from the British.  The roof was gone but the walls were in good shape (like so many other ruins).  There was a plaque there that said a priest named O'Gorman was buried there.  I'm hoping to get back there again in September and would like to find that church again.  Can anyone tell me how to get there?  And the name of that church?


Photo: Ruined church at Malin (Dave Napier) / CC BY-SA 2.0 with the following caption provided by Wikipedia. "This was once a chapel - deliberately placed in a remote spot near Ballygorman not far from Malin Head - to allow the people to continue to worship despite the laws of the day forbidding such 'evil'. May the people's spirit always survive the empire builders!"

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Never mind, my wife found it. :)

I believe you might be looking for St Machar's Church..it is also known as Gorman's Church... It is on inishowen in the Moville area.. there is also a holy well and a wee cave...

You can reach it from 1 mile east of Portmore pier... you will see a signpost for the Wee house of Malin...which would be the cave...

If you've an iPhone or are using a GPS, this link will take you to a site which has an app with all of the sites, including the church, loaded in so you can find it

Thank you, Bit, that may be it, but I'm not sure.  Let me consult my wife and get back to you on it.

Thanks again!

I think it's the place.  Are we thinking of the same place?  It's the northernmost point of Ireland:


Yes...that would be the same spot, Darvis ...just a different angle  :-)

Hello Darvis, My name is Tommy Dullaghan and I belong to the Donegal Association of NY. This picture looks like somewhere up around Malin Head but I couldn't say for sure. However I'm pretty certain someone from our organization can give you full details.  I will post your link here on our FaceBook page ( Donegal Association of New York Inc ) and see what I can turn up for you. If you're on FB please "follow" us and see all things Donegal :)

I'll let you know

Tommy D

Darvis - Received a reply on the Donegal Assoc of New York Inc site on FB :  I  hope this helps .. Tommy D

Eilish Glackin Hi, I'm originally from Malin Head, this is a beach in Ballygorman, Malin Head locally known as Malin Well, I believe there is local signage saying this or possibly "The Wee House of Malin" the attached link might help with any additional info needed http://www.movilleinishowen.com/.../movill.../malin_well.htm

You guys are great, thank you for all this info!


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