The photo above shows White O'Morn Cottage in Tiernakill, Maumm, County Galway as it was in 1951 when Hollywood came to Connemara.  People in Connemara and even in Galway City are still talking about that magical six-weeks to this very day.

This old site, which now lies in ruins, is better known to the world as "The Quiet Man Cottage."  The structure was depicted as the home of Sean Thornton (played by John Wayne) and Mary Kate Danaher (played by Maureen O'Hara) in the 1952 motion picture "The Quiet Man."

As you will see in the video below, something needs to be done quickly if this lovely old place that survived the famine years and countless other hardships is to be brought back from the edge of final extinction.  Maureen O'Hara, in 2004, called the state of the cottage a "national disgrace," and I think most will find it difficult to disagree with her assessment.

What can be done?  What is being done?  There are multiple groups and organisations currently trying to work with the current owner of the property and Galway County Council to bring this dream to fruition, but complications and red tape still stand in the way.

In this discussion thread, I'm hoping to hear from the groups and individuals involved in this ongoing saga.  That includes the groups trying to raise awareness, the property owner, and the Galway County Council.  I'm also hoping to hear from anyone who has seen that grand old film "The Quiet Man" and anyone who understands the inherent value in restoring and preserving this important piece of Ireland's past.


Q&A with Mike Ward from the "Save The Quiet Man Cottage" group

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 Hi Robin ,       In response to  your question above i include a link here below to a  Blog  written by a gentleman  (  Robert Tuttle )   whom i have worked  with on the cottage project over the last few years ,  it   contains the asnswer to your qustion and much more  ,Robert Tuttle  is a very highly respected   expert  on all things  in connection with the QUIET MAN  movie   , However  i expect     Luke  Gerard  Lanigan ( a . k . a ,  Patrick McCormac  of   WHITE O MORN FOUNDATION  )   to   dismiss   the facts as written By Robert ,   However facts they are  and cant be changed by anyone .   

Hello Mike,  Many thanks for the link you posted, makes very interesting reading. ATB Robin

Hi Robin  and your very welcome  ,  im delighted to   note you found the   link interesting and i hope you also managed to have time to read the followup  comments   on the article ,   And  i think on foot of the main article and  those followup  comments its  very clear to see  that   both  WHITE O MORN FOUNDATION  and SAVE THE QUIET MAN COTTAGE   have done trojan work on the  cottage project    and its  also clear to see  that    every effort was made by Robert Tuttle to mediate    and  get everyone working together  , unfortunatly   and as Robert pointed out   Patrick McCormacs    obsession to take compleate control   of the cause   and ultimate personal credit for all and any   traction or success  has obstructed  and   tarnished  the project   causing  confusion doubt and  anomosity within both groups ,  there is as you know Robin there is  a vast difference between    genuine passion and obsession  its such a shame that one mans  personal ego    has marred  the cause by  misleading so many  people who  wish to see the cottage recovered and restored  to its former glory , not by deception  and skullduggary   but by fair  and legal means   not by bulllying , intimidation  , or hijacking . 


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