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Ann Coulter sometimes has some salient points, and sometimes she's just trying to get a rise out of people.  That's her job, and she does it well.  I'd assume there's plenty of material designed to do just that in this book.

I can’t attest to knowing much about Ann Coulter but I don’t care to either after reading her excerpt. From this example it seems she’s offensive to many outside of her realm.  

Yes, that's done by design.  It sells books ... LOADS of books.  She'll love the fact that we're discussing this here, and that some people -- many people, probably -- will be outraged by what she's written. 

I'm politically conservative, but I take little of what Coulter says seriously. I know what she's doing -- selling books.

 As my old Irish Granny would have said “wash her mouth out with soap.” 

There are a few satire "news" sites online that often run fake news stories about things she's "said" and they'll often get picked and posted on Facebook and other places by people thinking they are real stories simply because so much of the stuff she really says is so totally outrageous that no one has any trouble believing she said just about anything. If you made up 5 outragegeous statements and mixed them together with 5 statements she's actually made and aske someone to pick the five fakes, it would be hard to do. 

When you juxtapose the reality of the many contributions Irish made to America on so many levels with her inflammatory descriptors, you see that she hasn't any clue really as to who the Irish were then and are now.

As Ryan has said, she sells books because she is offensive. She has become quite wealthy off offending anyone and everyone

There once was a woman named Coulter

The extreme right would not fault her

And I’ll say it quite plain

With a pinch of disdain

That her foot’s in her mouth where it oughta

Simply Brilliant that, mo chara!  Hehehehehehehe

>>>> The North’s zero-tolerance policy for a backward culture forced the
white trash out of both the Irish and southern rednecks

Now if only we could find a way to force the white trash out of Anne herself. The woman's stock in trade is hate.

It’s a shame when such rhetoric brings financial gain and fame. 

Unfortunately, shock and bile sells more than decent, concise journalism. I fondly recall a time when Journalism was about disseminating the news based on facts not conjectures

Yep ... and that goes for "journalists" on both sides of the political spectrum.


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