Once again Art is under attack as ‘Pints are thrown’ at pub’s painting of Haughey.

The owner of a Dingle bar has refused to remove a portrait of Charles Haughey from his world-famous hostelry despite it coming in for a hostile reaction, including attempts to throw pints at it.

Read the article here.

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is that the late Páidí Ó Sé's pub in Fionntrá?

where were the pint throwers when CJ Haughey was alive?

everyone knew he was on the take but said and did nothing about it.

The article says it's Oliver MacDonnell's bar in Dingle and yes it's easy to dance on a dead mans grave.

the dead cannot defend themselves id like to say one thing and i support no political party did he do any worse than our present government in my eyes theyve done worse think what ireland was like then liveing conditions etc and look at it now we have come on leaps and bounds and peoples standards have improved we were makeing good progress and now look at it regardless how haughy done it he did do a lot of good he may have creamed of the top for himself but to the whole country he gave a lot back 

I'm no fan of politics either Audrey.  Politician stars seem to rise and fall in step with the economy.

What in the world is going on? Has everyone gone mad? There are murals all over Ireland, including the North Counties, which many could consider controversial in one fashion or another. They have been up for what seems like more decades than not. All appreciated for whatever sense of history they represented

Lately, these murals are being targeted...Bogside, Kilkee and now Dingle....


Waste of a good pint Bit.

and there is that, as well, Belinda... and the price of a pint is dear lately

which is why people are drinking at home. The publican has the poor mouth but wants to rip off the customer. 

Precisely... in this year of "the gathering"...which I sometimes call "The Fleecing"...my clients have added to their list of complaints...the high price of a drink in a pub ... they are better served going to the small out of the way pubs that I list off... in the smaller towns... than most pubs in the big six

A Guinness in Dublin is usually between 4 Euro 20 and 6 Euro. In the countryside or been Dublin suburbs its at least a euro cheaper. Country pubs are definitely more craic. Its not really the smoking ban that drives us away- the smoking section was is the best place to meet people, its the fact that you cannot drink and drive(unless you are living in Kerry). In the nineties it was still acceptable to drink a few pints and drive home and the law was not too strict. Now they might even breathalise you the next morning.

The Gathering is many things to many people but it was designed to aid our failing economy. Tourist are cash cows and welcome-the problem is that tourist are people.

I can't attest to him having a poor mouth but I do believe he has the right to hang his art up in his own premises, and while it may not be a good business move it states in the article that the pub has been in business for donkeys years.

That he does indeed, Belinda... and though the son puts his name to it now...it will always be known as Dick Mack's... though Oliver himself is quite the character...he has some going to live up to the character that was his father

That pub has been there longer than Donkey years...been a dry goods and pub there since 1899, I think


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