Once again Art is under attack as ‘Pints are thrown’ at pub’s painting of Haughey.

The owner of a Dingle bar has refused to remove a portrait of Charles Haughey from his world-famous hostelry despite it coming in for a hostile reaction, including attempts to throw pints at it.

Read the article here.

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kerry would be pro Fianna Fáil. I wonder was it natives or out of townies taking offence?

And this should about sum it up...His pub...his call:

"I knew Charlie Haughey and found him to be a good man who helped many people. He came here regularly when he was alive and was well liked."

"I knew him to be a good man so I won't be taking his picture down, or removing it from my bar on a point of principle," added Mr MacDonnell whose family have run the bar since it opened in 1899.


He was both highly controversial and, to many well liked... pretty much goes for anyone in the political forum

well said bit 

For reference sake, Here is both the Portrait in question and the Publican...Oliver, himself

It stands... along with a lot of other memorabilia of meaning ... in pride of place at Dick Mack's,.. The pub is both a drinking experience and a time capsule

I guess it shows the power of art when such a reaction can come from a painting. 


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