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My ignorance is probably showing, but the really interesting information about Irish Mexicans came as a complete surprise to me! The juxtaposition of Alvarez Kelly seems quite bizarre, and yet, with so many millions of Irish refugees landing at Ellis Island, there is no logical reason why some of them shouldn't have eventually moved to Mexico.

Thank you Belinda, for adding to my knowledge - I shall return to the film clips from time to time!

In 2010 I was in San Angel, Mexico City - where some of "the San Patricios" saw their sad end. There is now a lovely tree filled park there, with cast iron seats that have the name of the city municipality "Alvaro Obregon." I did a blog post which has a picture of the seat in it! Here is a small pertinent extract from the blog -

In the center of the Plaza of San Ángel, there are park benches with this inscription: "Alvaro Obregon," which is the name of a former president of Mexico, that name is now a city municipality. Many people don't realise that Irish names were "hispanicized" in Spanish speaking countries just like the Anglicisation of Irish surnames in Britain and America. So "Ó Brian" became "Obregon." Funnily enough I used this ruse myself while buying a train ticket for Vera Cruz, in Mexico City. Instead of calling myself Charlie O' Brien (and looking on at the tellers inevitable doleful expression as she tried to write it down), I told them my name was Carlito Obregon, and lo and behold no need for a lengthy spelling lesson. She had it in one and I was on my way to Vera Cruz!

Another name I'd put on the list (you could be writing the list all day I'm sure) would be Santiago O' Leary - a captain of the San Patricio Battalion. I always said if I have a kid I'd name it after Santiago - Santiago O' Brien has a nice ring to it! Although, it'd be shortened to "Santy" here in Ireland, which is another name for Santa Claus, which might not go down too well!

My education continues - in matters historical and a tad devious, where necessary! Thank you, Charles. 

No problem Rose, I'm glad you found it interesting! though I'm not sure what you did mean by devious? ;)

Charles, I'm afraid I have nor the slightest idea what I meant by 'devious'! Please 'bury' it under the much maligned 'autocorrect'!

Being of Mexican Irish decent, it is always pleasing to see someone bring up the Mexican Irish connection

For decades, one of the largest St Patrick festivals was held in Obregon, Sonora, Mexico

Three days & sometimes four... It was fascinating to me as a child

Any Irish in former president Vicente Fox?

Not likely, considering that his great-grandparents were German immigrants who settled in Cincinnati. The surname was Fuch but it was changed to Fox.  His mother's people came from the Basque region of Spain

No, my ignorance is showing. Turns out, according to Wikipedia, that Fox's paternal grandfather was German, and Fuchs was changed to Fox.

Patri­cio Milmo O’Dowd a bussinesman in Monterrey, present in themost important industries here,

1863 - Patricio Milmo opened the Milmo Bank of Monterrey in Monterrey, Mexico.

He also was associated in the Fundidora de fierro y acero Monterrey

In The photo below are a Lady which surname is Vidaurry, relative to SantiagoVidaurry Governor of Nuevo Leon,Vidaurrywas gobernor when the Monterrey Battle, where the San Patricio Brigade fight.


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