Northern Ireland's version of "The Hunger Games" inters its fifth night

The only viable long-term solution to Ireland’s ongoing political problem is for the British government to remove its unlawful imperialist presence in Northern Ireland, give way to long-denied Irish self-determination, and for the British misrulers to take their poisonous sectarianism with them.


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Orange violence, hangover from British misrule

When the ill judged 'Love Ulster' Parade came to Dublin we saw how Celtic fans tore apart their own city causing considerable damage. 

I believe there was an article in yesterdays's Irish Times about Catholic loyalists. Most folk are happy with the way things are. The health system in the North is better for a start and education is also cheaper. These things matter to a lot of people. Its also cheaper for us to go shopping in the North. The only thing we have to fear is an Omagh style bomb or an unruly loyalist mob, but the latter tend to stick to their ghettos.

 How representative of Northern Ireland are these miscreants who are so loyal to the Crown that they are willing to fight against it? In the States you have 'white thrash' and disgruntled folk in the ghettos always willing to start a riot.


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