New podcast about healing postcolonial shame and trauma with arts, culture, and history

A chairde, friends and cousins,
I made this new podcast to begin to tell our story because I found an old O'Keeffe family fairy story that suggested to me this work would need to be done. I would love to know what you think.

Here are some responses so far.

Ireland/America, man:"You have a wonderful seanachai storytelling style. And a great voice with modulation and nuance. It deserves a big audience. I love how you mix song, history, myth, narrative, personal testimony, linguistics, catharsis.....Unique confluence of tones and themes. Bravo again on this really important therapeutic journey into the Irish psyche. You are doing us all a huge service."

Ireland, man: "Josh I really have to thank you for this. I have been looking for some answers in my life, especially recently and this podcast really blew my mind!!! I kept thinking of this photo my Dad showed me of my grandfather mowing the lawn as an older man and it really screamed of a tolerated sadness and disillusionment, a hope and longing. The photo echoed in another shot of my Dad washing dishes and touched my soul. Thanks Josh I see this as a real gift, to have a better understanding of that."

Australia, woman: " How Irish Are You? provides a glimpse of fairies, a thread of connection, the beat of a drum—or of a heart—that feels like it is echoing a rhythm both ancient and new. It entices, and resonates, and informs. It is exciting, and comfortable, and heartbreaking."

Ireland, man: "Not only am I in broad agreement with the general thrust of the whole thesis, I think it's kind of obvious (when you think about it). "

America, Man: "My inner struggle I have forever thought was of my own making. I recognize now that there is real evidence that it is of a much deeper place. I thank you for your research and feel connected as I journey further into your podcasts. I do not feel quite as alone as I once did, which is of huge importance and help going further..."

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Looking forward to listening to this! What a great idea.

wonderful! Episode 2 is now complete as well.

ArtsPRunlimited, Inc..shares your Arts interest

please tell me me more. I hypothesize that I have gathered all the stuff we need to pull off a mass healing and restoration of culture except the right PR. I am super ready to tell the story while wearing a great kilt, the only existent precolonial Gael clothing, and I am working on increasing the art to truth ratio for people, but I am a musician primarily so that part is easy.

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