Looking for the Irish roots of my great grandmother, Mary Halloran.

According to unverified family lore, she was born in Mountshannon circa 1855. Can anyone tell me what RC parish that would have been then?

At some point she migrated to the Sheffield, England area and married Patrick J Ryan at St Vincent of Pauls RC church. They later immigrated to either the U.S. or Canada.

Apparently there was an established and informal Irish colony in Sheffield, UK at the time. Mostly miners and/or laborers I believe. Can anybody elaborate on how this mini Irish migration to Sheffield occurred.

Thanks in advance and best regards.

Jim McKinley



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St. Vincent de Paul, James? Can anyone also tell us about the mining industry in Sheffield? Sheffield was known for steel manufacturing, as well, no?


You are correct, St Vincent de Paul is the proper name.

Sheffield steel was famous for decades. It must have been an employment magnet for the substantial population of unemployed and poor Irish of the late 1800's.

My better half might take a look at your family lines, if you would like

As to Sheffield, along with Steel & SIlverplating, they were also a coal mining and limestone quarrying area. Sheffield also had two large workhouse complexes and many of the inmates and workers were Irish


Thank you for the research offer Bit. I will be visiting Ireland next month and I hope to uncover some family history while there.

The link you provided on the workhouses was very interesting.


Mountshannon is in the East of Co. Clare (quite near me). I can find the RC parish name for you, will get back to you.

Many Irish went to Sheffiend, including my own Great Uncle who was a labourer but ended up a miner.

Do you have any names of parents/siblings and dates for the Mountshannon lives of your family - I could see what I can find for you here in Clare?



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