'Lockout' by Ann Matthews Recall Your Own Family Story?

I really enjoyed today's interview with Ann Matthews on her new play, "Lockout."  Thanks for that, Ger.  Just wondering if anyone else out there had thoughts on what Ann had to say about her new play, and the events upon which they were based. Any one have family members with a similar links to labor history?

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Here's the link to the interview in case you missed the live stream ...


Great discussion! Wish it were coming to the States!

Any of our members able to catch the play?

I find Ann's evident spiritual connections to her family's history with these events both remarkable and inspiring. How often i've thought my extended family might provide the fodder for a first-rate play, and, no, you wags, I don't mean a comedy! My mother's Irish-American first cousin spent 20 years in prison for a crime he said repeatedly he didn't commit, and most of the Hell's Kitchen neighborhood believed (and possibly KNEW) was innocent as well. 

I have no family members who had similar links to labor history, but one figure from US labor history whom I've always admired is Irish-born (Cork) Mary Harris "Mother" Jones, who lived a remarkable life. You can read my article on her here: Mary Harris Jones: One Tough 'Mother'


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