Hello folks, I'm a member of Suffolk County Firefighters Emerald Society and of AOH Div 4 - Huntington, NY.  I'm wondering if I could tap your Irish knowledge?

I'm looking to find a guest speaker for our Emerald Society meeting.  Would any of you know of anyone who might be well versed in the topic of "A History of the Irish in the Fire Service"?  I think our membership would thoroughly enjoy hearing a speaker or viewing any presentation on the topic.

If you can think of anyone, please contact me at your convenience.  I thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.


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I ran into one of your members in Orlando this past weekend. Best of luck finding a speaker - I will put my feelers out to see if we can help you find anyone. I would love to tune in and get my company's (Shamrock Nation) Facebook following to listen in too if possible when your event happens. We have Shamrock Nation fire shirts available and would love to sell you some at wholesale for your event if you would like. They can end up bringing in a decent amount of money if you price them right. Look forward to hearing from you and hearing how your event turns out! margo@shamrocknation.com

Thanks Margo. Hope I find a speaker soon. Johnny

Pat McDonough from Shamrock Nation said to look up Seamus Mulligan from WROL in Boston. He would be a good lead.

Thank you Margo.

Blood,  I've heard of ol' John and his music.  Thanks for the links!   Johnny


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