Hello folks, I'm a member of Suffolk County Firefighters Emerald Society and of AOH Div 4 - Huntington, NY.  I'm wondering if I could tap your Irish knowledge?

I'm looking to find a guest speaker for our Emerald Society meeting.  Would any of you know of anyone who might be well versed in the topic of "A History of the Irish in the Fire Service"?  I think our membership would thoroughly enjoy hearing a speaker or viewing any presentation on the topic.

If you can think of anyone, please contact me at your convenience.  I thank you in advance for your time and cooperation.


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That sounds like an interesting topic, Johnny.  This is something I've wanted to learn more about myself since learning a while ago about the heavy influence of the Irish in the police forces and fire brigades of large American cities like New York, Boston, Chicago, etc.  Any way you guys could shoot a video of that presentation and share it here?

I'll share this request on The Wild Geese Facebook page now, and hopefully we can unearth someone who's an expert on this topic.  

Thanks, Johnny!

~ Ryan

Johnny, I can't help you with a speaker on the subject, but I am curious to learn what you know regarding your McKenna ancestry. My family is from Truagh, the northern most part of County Monaghan and the ancestral homeland of the McKenna Clann. They came to Providence in the 1840's. Most McKennas, in Ireland and elsewhere, came from Truagh and the border areas with Tyrone, with a lesser number from the border area with Arrmagh and Fermanagh. Have you had your DNA done?

I am attaching my blog, Federal Hill Irish.


I look forward to hearing from you.

Ray McKenna

Tolland, CT

Ray, I've my history back to 1725.  My McKenna people are in Derry and as far back as I've gone, thats where they've been.  I've not been able to trace any relations out of the county.  I do not know what "have you had your DNA done" means.  So I'm going to say no I've not.

Johnny, there certainly were McKennas who left greater Truagh before the famine. The Wild Geese, including Juan McKenna, to take perhaps the most famous example. And Derry is not so far from Truagh. Do you have a public tree on ancestry.com? I would certainly be very interested in seeing it. 

Thank you.


Oh I'm sure many McKennas went everywhere.  Just I know that my direct line back had stayed put.  My grandad was the first to leave Derry.  I don't have a tree on ancestry.com but I have the data entered in a commercial program by Broderbund called "Family Tree Maker".  The program is far more capable of what I use it for.  Will utilize photos, videos, audio and graphics.  All I've done with it is enter the names, dates and locations.  Sure I know well of Juan McKenna and the Argentinian history with him.

Johnny, I see that you live in Hunnington. By chance, do you know Malcolm McClintock, a fisherman from North Port?


I actually live in Northport, the AOH is in Huntington.  I do recall the name McClintock here in town, but if I'm right, he died a while ago.  Maybe 10 years or so ago?


That was Scott McClintock. Great man. He died cycling with his wife, Winnie.

Their son, Malcolm, grew up in Northport. He is in his mid-forties these days and living in Centerport.


If I find a speaker, I'll share the info/presentation if permitted.

Johnny, we just received this message from a man called Joseph Crowshaw on our Facebook post about your request:

President William Nolan billynolan@fdnyemerald.com

I presume this is a suggestion on someone you can contact as a potential speaker.

Thank you Ryan. I'll send an email to Mr Nolan and see what he is about. Johnny

Augustine E. Costello wrote this fascinating book in the late 19th century, http://books.google.com/books?id=trxJHAAACAAJ&dq=Augustine+Cost...

Our Firemen: A History of the New York Fire Departments : Volunteer and Paid

He also wrote a history of the NYPD:


Have you tried the FDNY Museum for some likley help, Johnny?


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